Why Direct Selling Gives You More Financial Freedom as Compared to Financial Security in a Job?

Why Direct Selling Gives You More Financial Freedom as Compared to Financial Security in a Job?

The 21st Century is known as The Information Age. With technological advances and industrial growth escalating at a fast pace, it becomes inevitable to assure financial stability in the workplace. This is the time when each one of us looks at minimising the risks and playing the safer field.

Employment is what provides financial security and promises an income that supports expenses and bespeaks the potential for investments. But when it comes to a tedious 9 to 5 job offering meagre wages, does it protect one from risks or provide long-term mobility? Job that give current financial security come with a set of disadvantages like unsteady working hours causing tense family situations, thus making households vulnerable to a secure future.

Multi-Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, involves selling the products of a company in the form of a pyramid structure. This model is operated by appointing distributors on multiples levels to sell a product or provide services from the company to the consumer directly. Distributors on every level are paid on a commission basis, thus earning remunerations on the sales made by recruits.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom may mean different things to different people. But essentially, it is defined as the state of being free from associating time with money. When there is more cash coming in than going out, the pressure of working in an undesired environment is removed and you can do things you enjoy, at your leisure and comfort. It isn’t necessarily an early retirement, but the financial security available makes you think it is.

How MLM provides Financial Freedom?

  • Risk Minimisation: As opposed to other businesses, Multi-Level Marketing doesn’t require you to make prior investments in the business. Which means making progress and walking up the success ladder comes without any risks of falling back or losing anything.
  • Earning Capabilities: Income potential of every employee comes to a standstill at some point. Whereas in MLM, the target earnings depend on an individual’s ability to sell, their skill at human interaction and their determination at taking the business to the next level.
  • Convenient Working Hours: The biggest perk provided by MLM industry is getting you rid of the 9 to 5 corporate work hours. When you get to decide your time to work instead of having to wake up every morning disinterested about going to go to work, you feel a strange zest about doing the job rightly. You feel like you are at the top of the hierarchy because you make your own schedule. There is no check in, no reporting time, and no deadlines.
  • Residual income: Because of the pyramid structure of this business model, you enjoy the benefit of not only your income, but also the commissions made on sales done by distributors you recruit under you as well as the distributors recruited by them. This makes it possible for you to not depend on just the money in your pocket, but leaves room for residual income too.
  • Financial Freedom: Since the MLM industry doesn’t technically employ people or make them work from an office or an assigned workplace, the freedom of working as per your own convenience as well as in the comfort of your home gives you a sense of security. There is money coming in without spending hours of discontent, and there are possibilities of taking days off without having to worry about being underpaid.
  • Support your Beliefs: Lastly, MLM gives you the freedom of choosing the company you want to work with. You are allowed to take your time to research various businesses and see what they offer, know what speaks to you. Since you will be representing the services provided by a certain company, having a clear conscience and believing in the product yourself will only make it easier for you to sell the same.


Multi-Level Marketing frees you from the exacerbation of financial insecurity by giving flexible working hours and the benefits of residual income. It even provides social protections for overall stability. MLM offers opportunities of self-interest and control over the individual job environment, thus ensuring a long-term change in the business industry.