Voice Of Direct Selling Industry

Voice Of Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling Today is not a magazine, but a mouth piece of news and views of Direct Selling Industry and Direct Sellers , Industry Leaders, Government policy Makers, academicians and achievers. We will not only bring to you government regulations, steps and ways to comply with them but also laws of taxations, success stories, achievements, products, etc whatever is beneficial for you.

Direct Selling Today is a monthly magazine which is focused on bridging the information gap between all members of the industry and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs by providing regular and verified updates on the industry.

The magazine does not only update readers with the latest news of the industry, but also tackle topics/subject focused editions, for e.g. GST, Exports, Legal regulations etc.

In all it’s essence, Direct Selling Today is a magazine for and by all direct selling entities across the country.

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