Direct Selling and financial freedom

Direct Selling and financial freedom

In today’s world and economy, the need to seek freedom in terms of
profession and finance is highly understandable. Gone are the days when
people followed the risk-free conventional path even though it always seemed altruistic to them.

For people who want to discard their comfort zones, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Network Marketing is the ideal approach to move forward.
Imagine yourself working in a corporate sector and doing the same things
over and over again with little to no personal growth and zero recognition.

In this day and age, the culture of 9-5 job market is highly fluctuating and no company is able to provide the kind of assurance employees are looking for. Moreover, working in a corporate firm means that you’re not the king of your own destiny.

You are spending your time and energy to benefit those who own the assets and you’re the one who ends up paying a hefty amount of tax. Even if you switch jobs, there is a big question mark at your financial growth and freedom. However, if you want to be in control of your financial success and create your own path, MLM is the way for you.

What exactly is Multi-Level Marketing?
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) networking program is a distribution-based marketing network that contains two or more tiers. Companies that follow this model design tiers of salespeople. These salespeople recruit their own network of salespeople. These salespeople or creators of a new tier (or “upline”) earn commission on their own sales and on sales made by the people in the tier they created (the “downline”). In time, a new tier can recruit yet another tier, which contributes more commission to the person in the top tier as well as the middle tier. Thus, the earnings of salespeople depend on recruitment as well as product sales. Few examples of MLM businesses include LuLaRoe, Magnetic Sponsoring, and Amway. What are the benefits of MLM and how does it provide financial freedom?

Residual Income

MLM acknowledges your extra efforts and provides you more than the same paycheck you would get at any corporate firm. With the constant growth of your network, you will get the increasing profit and without needing any outstanding efforts, you will be able to achieve maximum success.
Sales and recruitment are essential factors in your success. Recruitments
define the long term success of your business efforts. MLM will always have many doors open for you to nourish your ideas. Personal Growth and Business Exponential Growth Everyone wants to work in a system where one would gradually be able to reach his/her highest potential and contribute to the team’s success. The conventional corporate jobs, however, are somewhat stagnant and one starts feeling stuck with no direction to turn to. We would all like to see fruitful results for all our hard work, and wouldn’t it be amazing to be the leader of 10000 people someday?
Earn double the income yearly
As fascinating as it may sound, it doesn’t happen overnight. Sustained efforts and perseverance often see businesses double their size and income early. It is very difficult to be able to double your income with a job; herefore, people are now looking for their own side businesses.
True Financial Freedom
The reason why this profession appeals to many people is because you can set your work hours and work from home. In the corporate world, you’re bound to give a number of hours every day and your presence determines your income. However, with MLM businesses, you have hundreds of customers that are generating the income sitting at their homes. This allows you to go on holidays and lead a joyful lifestyle.
Want To Work for The Next 50 Years?
Do you want to live a monotonous life and be only remembered for your never ending work? Would you want to work until you’re 80 and spend all your life trying to pay your debts? The obvious answer would be no. You would want to leave an impactful legacy, spend time with family, travel, and work for social and charitable causes. With an MLM business, you may get the opportunity to retire just after 5-10 years or even earlier.
Therefore, in conclusion what needs to be highlighted is that MLM isn’t a
magic wand you could swing and it’d eradicate all your financial problems.
However, what makes this model captivating is its low cost and various
possibilities to succeed. It is a great alternative to replace some of the
psychological gaps you might lose working in the corporate sector.